The Animals of Baker Street

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26 €

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The Animals of Baker Street is a cooperative investigation game for 1 to 4 players set in 19th-century London, as cute as it is captivating. You’ll have to investigate mysteries that even Sherlock Holmes, the greatest of all detectives, doesn’t always suspect… Fortunately, you’ll have the neighborhood animals to watch out for! Luckily, you’ve got the neighborhood animals to keep an eye on things! Choose a location to move to and find out what’s hidden in your neighborhood, and your little furry or feathered friends will surely be able to help you uncover the rest of the story. Use an ingenious card system to match the different characters you play with, or the objects you find along the way, to analyze the places you visit or chat with the locals you meet.

An engaging universe, full of mysteries… A total of 7 investigations will be presented to you with full replayability to discover all the mysteries of Baker Street and find all the little elements you didn’t find on your first visit.

The quality of the writing in these adventures will plunge you into a vast and engaging universe for the whole family.

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